Retreats Are Our thing, but don’t just take our word for it

here’s what some of our retreat participants had to say:

"It was an absolute privilege and treat to attend this retreat. I love it when the promise of a destination such as this retreat over delivers on everything. The destination itself, the group of people, food and most importantly the yoga .

The food was freshly prepared by our own chef from the garden, delicious, nutritious and vegetarian. Yoga is a mixture of quiet meditation and then plenty of stretching catering for all levels. Excursions to enjoy. We made a great choice to join this retreat, simply a very special experience. Highly recommend."
Croatia Retreat june 2024
“Thank you Marie and Matt for the amazing job you did organising and running the retreat. Your laughter, smiling faces, positivity and energy was contagious. Throughout it all you both appeared so relaxed and to be enjoying it all as much as us which when you are overseeing it as well is quite an art! I had a fantastic time. Thank you so much! It was so great seeing everyone’s confidence increase and all due to you. I applaud you! It is such an amazing way to give back.

The food was delicious. The accommodation perfect. I loved being on the water again, stretching it out kayaking then walking from bay to bay. Time in the sun chatting and relaxing it was all choreographed perfectly.”
Abel Tasman Retreat April 2024
"Thank you both so much for another amazing Retreat Experience! Coming back to Vietnam and the secluded oasis of An Villa has been just the rejuvenation I needed.

Matt's morning meditations have set the tone for me each day, with that beautiful backdrop of local sounds and Marie's Yin classes at the end of the day have been just the right thing to reflect on the special moments we have each had that day. As always, we start off as a bunch of strangers, anxious about our inadequate yoga abilities and difficulty remembering names, but very quickly we realise we have plenty in common with these "strangers" and all yoga abilities and body limitations are welcomed and embraced. I feel so comfortable and accepted in each class and activity, there is such a freedom to be me, away from all the expectations and schedule of my usual routines.

Vietnam is such a good place for a novice traveller or someone who has visited Asia many times. The activities and experiences you include on this retreat are amazing - food, sights, local villages , markets and Sound Bowl Healing - it has to be one of the most Value for Money trips ever! You both share your infectious love of this place with everyone, enjoying the madness of the "Singing Bingo", the financial contribution to local villages by the activities you select and your encouragement of each one of us to embrace whatever comes along. I'm already looking forward to my next retreat (and beyond)

Feeling deep gratitude to you both ".
Vietnam Retreat may 2024
“I have been fortunate enough to participate in five retreats facilitated by Marie and Matt.

Marie and Matt take care of everything so that as participants all we need to focus on is showing up and doing our personal work. Beyond the amazing food, thoughtful accommodation, and incredible activities/adventures, Marie and Matt create and hold a beautiful space that facilitates positive transformation. Their experience in yoga, meditation, and facilitating transformation creates a safe environment that allows participants to honour their true selves and really retreat from the world outside.

I have attended these retreats alongside my partner and the retreats have supported us on our journeys as individuals and as a couple. The benefits endure well beyond the retreats themselves and we will continue to attend retreats where we can to continue our learning and growing”.
Kapiti Coast, NZ
"Nelson is one of my favourite places in NZ so imagine my delight when I saw Kapiti Yoga offering an 'adventure' retreat in the Abel Tasman. I signed up in a flash and WOW I was absolutely delighted that I did. What a treat! Stunning scenery, non stop sunshine, kayaking in beautiful clear water (with the added bonus of dolphins and baby seals looking to play). The accommodation at Abel Tasman Lodge is world class, delicious food and some adventure surprises to keep your energy high. To top it all off, super relaxing yoga and meditation.

I'm all booked in for my 3rd retreat in April 2024 when I have no doubt I will receive another blissful few days that truly nourishes my mind, body and soul. Love love love Marie and Matt's gift for making everyone feel welcome, relaxed and recharged. The Abel Tasman 'Adventure' Retreat is great value for money where every detail is carefully thought out for you, just turn up and breathe, you won't regret it. “
Abel Tasman Retreat
"Thank you so much to Marie and the team you all stand out as one. The way you supported each other as well as us was outstanding. As always it is by our actions, our true values are shown. I’m not particularly flexible, but I’ve surprised myself by how far I have come and I just really love it. Thank you all for a very special time.”
"The positive vibes from you both and the manakitanga (Hospitality, sharing and welcoming) was amazing. Whilst each participant was on their own journey and clearly took something special from the retreat, my inner space and heart was warmed by the, kotahitanga - solidarity, unity and togetherness of all participants (and so early on too !). So keep on doing what you love and love what you do!"
Kapiti Coast, NZ
"My bed is made everyday, my meals cooked for me, my room cleaned for me, days planned for me, transport arranged for me, and even fancy pics/vids done for me. All I need to do is unwind and chill.”
“It was an extraordinary experience for me to be on a retreat led so effectively by a married couple. This very special time (surrounded by some pretty amazing humans!) was soul cleansing. It has given me a clear head and a new appreciation of what is important to me. Feeling relaxed yet completely energised and ready to tackle a much more positive future. It's now time to get rid of some of the old and embrace everything new that comes my way..."
Kapiti Coast, NZ
"I am hugely grateful to Matt & Marie for an incredibly supporting, nurturing, expansive & enjoyable retreat and for bringing us to such a beautiful resort. As we start turning our minds to heading back to our day to day lives, I choose to use the memory of this time to sustain me and remind me that we have everything we need inside us and to always relax and trust as we observe the releases in our lives.

I must also complement Matt & Marie on their organisation; everything was arranged and set up, from the meals to the outings, so that all we had to do was turn up and focus on our own growth and development. Working with Matt & Marie is something extraordinary. I can’t wait to go on another retreat."
"We wanted to give you some feedback from our point of view relating to the Bali Retreat. We both have come back totally rejuvenated and in a very relaxed state after attending the retreat. Marie, you obviously put a lot into getting the programme together to suit everyone. We thank you for that, and for your efforts with listening to individuals and taking on board everyone’s needs"
Kapiti Coast, NZ
"I just wanted to say thanks for all the care and thought you put into the retreat. There is so much going on behind the scenes to create what you create, let alone all the actual sessions. The yoga, the meditation sessions, listening sessions, sound, art therapy all amazing and we were so lucky to experience all this."
“I have attended seven of Marie & Matt's retreats and loved them all! This is without a doubt, a yearly activity for me and one of the highlights of my year. Great people, great vibe, lovely yoga, really spiritual.”
Kapiti Coast, NZ
"The retreat in Bali with Matt & Marie and our group is an experience I won't forget for 2 Reasons:

#1-Paradise. From the breath-taking views at our lodge, a magical waterfall experience, a very powerful and palpable water cleaning ceremony, to some of the most incredible food I've ever tasted, we were soaking in high vibrations the whole time, which allowed for even intense and powerful daily energies to become integrated with ease and grace.

#2- Arriving at the retreat I felt burned out, lacking passion for what I did, and unclear of how to move forward in my relationship and career. A mere week later I left the retreat feeling incredibly empowered, supported and confident in moving forward. Even now, about a month later I'm finding that money and clients are flowing to me nicely, I am excited about "putting myself out there", feel connected and aligned with my passion and my relationship with my partner has opened up to a surprisingly new level of growth and intimacy. Thank you, Matt & Marie for inspiring and empowering me to live a life of balance, space and allowance for all of these wonderful things to unfold."
Virginia, USA
"I did this retreat because I did it a year ago with a couple of friends. It was so good that when I heard Marie and Matt were going to run another one, I WAS IN! Not once did I regret my decision, I thought it might be hard to regain the magic from the first experience, but I have to say, it was as good and in some ways better, and absolutely magical for the rest! A container to find or be yourself!"
Kapiti Coast, NZ
"Trip into the unknown, arrived as strangers and left as friends. Yoga morning and evening, kayaking, snorkelling, paddle boarding, swimming, or just chilling, orca sightings (not sure how Marie & Matt arranged this!) Would I do this again, hell yes!!! Thank you to the crew for their patience and hospitality."
“I can’t speak highly enough of these retreats, it’s been life changing and healing, I have my life back. And I’m not just saying that. It’s real. I know what I have gained from this and I can share with others. This is just the beginning.”
"One of the best experiences I’ve ever had once again - thank you so much to everyone - felt sadness but joy watching the video, as I want to be there again - loved the peace & tranquillity, you don’t realise how much you need a weekend like this until you experience it - it is a must!"
“Wow, I can’t say enough about the way Marie put this altogether, the atmosphere, her presence, she is just so thorough and genuine with her whole ethics and morals and way of life. The whole week just flowed, it’s been one of the best experiences, if not the best experience of my life. I definitely recommend doing a retreat and I’m definitely going to do some more retreats.”
Kapiti Coast, NZ
“I’ve just been doing a retreat with Marie in the gulf of Siam, in a beautiful exquisite tropical location. Wonderful food, great company, and the yoga spot on. We have all been lifted out of our ho-hum mundane world and transported to another place. It’s truely being a wonderful experience and I totally recommend it.”
Thailand Retreat
“Marie is such an experienced yoga teacher and it really shines through in the way that she teaches because she accommodates such a huge range of abilities.”
Bali Retreat
“I wanted to thank you both for the Bali retreat. I loved the peacefulness of the property, the regular social times over meals with the other yogis, the comfortable rooms and your sweet gifts and welcome message, and the spa and pool. I relaxed very quickly into the space and was very grateful that you said at the beginning that all activities were optional! I knew I needed quite a lot of quiet and unscheduled time.

I enjoyed the dimensions of yoga philosophy you brought to the classes, and thought you were both very obliging for all our different needs. The dinner by the pool at the end with the birthday cake was a lovely memory too..”
“I have little kids and have a really busy life at home and this for me has been the first time I have been able to remember who I am.”
Kapiti Coast, NZ
“It’s not about just being all serious and super yogi, it’s about meeting people and giving to yourself.”
“Two excursions that stood out would be the waterfall excursion with this beautiful tree lined, lush, tropical environment. It was really, really special. And actually the water purification ceremony was a beautiful experience that the group found the most incredible stillness. And everyone got what they needed.

I really enjoyed the engagement with other people, like just the beautiful heart felt connections, the ability for people to open and just be together and form a little community, a little family, like my retreat family. It’s just been quite special and unexpected. To anyone considering a yoga retreat, I would say don’t hesitate, just do it. It’s real nourishment. I feel completely restored, my body feels incredible and I feel blessed.”
Bali Retreat
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