Jen, Virginia, USA

“The retreat in Bali with Matt & Marie and our group is an experience I won’t forget for 2 Reasons:

#1-Paradise.  From the breath-taking views at our lodge, a magical waterfall experience, a very powerful and palpable water cleaning ceremony, to some of the most incredible food I’ve ever tasted, we were soaking in high vibrations the whole time, which allowed for even intense and powerful daily energies to become integrated with ease and grace.

#2- Arriving at the retreat I felt burned out, lacking passion for what I did, and unclear of how to move forward in my relationship and career. A mere week later I left the retreat feeling incredibly empowered, supported and confident in moving forward.  

Even now, about a month later I’m finding that money and clients are flowing to me nicely, I am excited about “putting myself out there”, feel connected and aligned with my passion and my relationship with my partner has opened up to a surprisingly new level of growth and intimacy. Thank you, Matt & Marie for inspiring and empowering me to live a life of balance, space and allowance for all of these wonderful things to unfold.”


Marie Andrews

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