Lolina, Kapiti Coast, NZ

“My bed is made everyday, my buffet meals cooked for me, my room cleaned for me, days planned for me, transport arranged for me, and even fancy pics/vids done for me. All I need to do is unwind and

Sondra, Kapiti Coast, NZ

“We wanted to give you some feedback from our point of view relating to the Bali Retreat. We both have come back totally rejuvenated and in a very relaxed state after attending the retreat. Marie, you obviously put a lot into getting the programme together to suit everyone. We

John, Kapiti Coast, NZ

“Thank you so much to Marie and the team you all stand out as one. The way you supported each other as well as us was outstanding. As always it is by our actions, our true values are shown. Thank you all for a very special


“It was an extraordinary experience for me to be on a retreat led so effectively by a married couple.  The “I couldn’t imagine a better way to start school holidays…. ditching busy family demands to spend some quality time on ME! This very special time (surrounded by some pretty


“I just wanted to say thanks for all the care and thought you put into the retreat. There is so much going on behind the scenes to create what you create, let alone all the actual sessions. The yoga, the meditation sessions, listening session, sound, art therapy all amazing


“One of the best experiences I’ve ever had once again – thank you so much to everyone – felt sadness but joy watching the video, as I want to be there again – loved the peace & tranquillity, you don’t realise how much you need a weekend like this

Robyn, Kapiti Coast, NZ

“I have been fortunate enough to participate in three retreats facilitated by Marie and Matt, with a fourth scheduled for Spring 2018! Marie and Matt take care of everything so that as participants all we need to focus on is showing up and doing our personal work. Beyond the

Jen, Virginia, USA

“The retreat in Bali with Matt & Marie and our group is an experience I won’t forget for 2 Reasons: #1-Paradise.  From the breath-taking views at our lodge, a magical waterfall experience, a very powerful and palpable water cleaning ceremony, to some of the most incredible food I’ve ever

Mandy, Bali

“I am hugely grateful to Matt & Marie for an incredibly supporting, nurturing, expansive & enjoyable retreat and for bringing us to such a beautiful resort. As we start turning our minds to heading back to our day to day lives, I choose to use the memory of this